What Is An E-Collar? Can It Kill Your Dog?

Are you confused on what an e-collar is and how safe it is for your dog? Look no further, we've compiled all necessary information for you.

Written by Sarah Connor - Pet Nutrition Expert. Updated on 22/05/2023.

Remote training collars like the premier and humane Bark Beyond brand allow you to communicate quickly and clearly with all dogs using low stim levels and no shock-positive training. And no, high-quality e-collars like the Bark Beyond training collars can't kill your dog if you use them correctly and work closely with a positive trainer.

You can save your dog with an e-collar! If you're trying to do a fast recall and prevent your dog from crossing a busy street or stop your dog from barking excessively, an e-collar can be a great addition to regular training. That said, an e-collar is not a training tool that should be used for punishment. All basic dog training needs to be done beforehand with reward-based training so that your dog understands what you're asking him and there's clarity.

Professional trainers, veterinarians, and pet parents say high-quality e-collars like Bark Beyond are invaluable training tools that correct unwanted behavior, reinforce learned behaviors, help with recalls, and teach new behaviors. Today's e-collars are very different from the past, focusing on adjustable stimulation levels and no-static shock training. However, e-collars should not be used for aggression or reactivity in dogs.

Modern e-collars like the Bark Beyond brand offer a wide range of stimulation options, allowing positive dog trainers to easily customize the intensity based on the dog's size, sensitivity, and training needs. This ensures a more precise and tailored training approach, minimizing the risk of overstimulation or discomfort. Low-stim training is gaining popularity in 2023, with improved design and technology also contributing to the evolution of e-collars.

Pet parents say that e-collars help get their dog's focus back on them instead of their dogs overreacting to the distraction. E-collars also remove the hyper-focus some dogs may have with someone or something.

Written by Sarah Connor, an experienced canine trainer and nutritionist for over a decade. Her positive reinforcement methods and passion for pups make her a go-to for dog owners.

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  • 4 training modes with sensitivity levels from low to high
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • LCD screen with Smart-AI user-friendly features
  • Multi-dog training
  • Fully adjustable and comfortable collar for small and large breeds
  • 800m range


  • Easily customizable for each dog (small or large breeds)
  • High performance remote
  • Multiple levels of low-high beep, vibrate nick levels
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Affordable for multi-pet homes

"These are a really good set of shock collars for the price. The shock/prong points are actually covered in rubber tips so it helps to protect your dogs skin. There are 3 different settings, beep, vibrate, and shock. There's only 1 sound/noise level for beep and I use this feature the most to grab my dogs' attention, esp if we are out on a trail/off leash. If I call their names and they don't respond, beeping them almost always works."

The Bark Beyond E3 E-collar can help you with dog training and is one of the latest Smart AI remote trainers that can be used for advanced dog training and to correct undesirable behaviors. Not only does the Bark Beyond E3 help you reinforce obedience training, but it also allows you to communicate clearly with your dogs from a distance.

This e-collar allows the trainer to immediately correct unwanted behavior from a distance and features updated 2023 high-tech Smart AI features, which are far less punishing than older e-collar models. The Bark Beyond E3 is a bestseller because it allows for low-stim non-shock training that, when paired with positive training, provides for faster, safer training.

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How to Use an E-Collar?

There's always so many questions about how to use an e-collar. It's key to understand that newer e-collar systems like the Bark Beyond E3 long-range training collar include remote controls with enhanced user-friendly, enhanced features.

These remotes feature larger screens, backlit displays, intuitive controls, and extended range capabilities, allowing trainers and pet parents better visibility and control over their dogs during training sessions.

When Should I Use an E-Collar?

Your dog should have had regular training and should have a solid recall before using an e-collar for training. Spend 6 months to a year properly laying the foundation for obedience training and building a special trusting bond with your dog.

Then reach out to a positive trainer and work together on e-collar training to get it right the first time without any mishaps that could affect your pup and result in anxiety or fear. When used correctly and with plenty of positive training hours, a premium e-collar used with low stim can be beneficial for training and reinforcing already learned behaviors.

How to Fit an E-Collar?

This is a common question, with many parents not understanding the placement of an e-collar on the dog's neck. E-collars are not collars you leave on a dog 24/7; your dog should have a normal, lightweight collar on before using an e-collar. He should be used to wearing a collar.

You should also watch videos, read the manufacturer's manual, and work with a trainer before using an e-collar to ensure that the fit is correct and that you fully understand e-collar training. The e-collar should also be moved around every 2 to three hours so that it sits on a different neck area and does not cause skin issues. Here are some e-collar pointers:

  • Never leave an e-collar on for longer than 6-8 hours
  • Keep the e-collar higher up on the dog's neck to reduce the collar moving around a lot.
  • Any collar should never be placed too tightly.
  • Don't use a leash with an e-collar. If your dog goes swimming or if the e-collar gets wet, dry the e-collar.
  • If you're using an e-collar on a long-haired breed, use longer contact points or shave the area where the contact points touch the skin.
  • Rotate the e-collar every two hours to avoid skin sores on the neck.

What Redditors Say

We love Reddit and wanted some feedback from dog trainers here. This is what we found out. Professional trainers highly recommended the use of e-collars after basic training. They add that e-collars, when used correctly, can set up a new way of communicating with your dog and help with anxious and fearful dogs, allowing them to become confident when e-collar training is done correctly.

Many trainers said that e-collars helped to reduce the euthanasia rate in rescues and shelters, with many Gun Dog and Sport Dog experts saying that e-collars work well for training. That said, trainers say that if a dog can be fully trained using the reward system, there's no need for an e-collar.

When it comes down to aggression, one trainer says, "Aggression and reactivity seem to go away with proper e-collar training. This was one of the reasons I decided to look into using an e-collar after using only positive reinforcement methods for the first few years of my dog's life. He was extremely reactive to other dogs, and it disappeared as I went through the training with him."

The key takeaway was that you should not purchase a cheap e-collar because it often needs more settings. Some quality manufacturers include Bark Beyond, many opting for the Bark Beyond E3 training collar.

One Redditor says, "You should never purchase an e-collar and start using it by attempting to stop a dog from doing unwanted behavior. This is abusive to the dog, and the dog needs to be properly conditioned to the e-collar and go through a structured training program based on reward-based training. "

The same Redditor explains that you should never begin by trying to stop unwanted behavior with an e-collar. The user recommends that before starting to use the e-collar to train for the "recall" command and "place" command through reward-based training, you should do the following:

  • All behaviors like sit, come, stand, heel, etc, are taught through reward-based training and NOT with the e-collar
  • If properly implemented, the dog should look happy and confident.
  • If the dog looks sad or depressed, you are doing it wrong.

Getting Started With the Bark Beyond E3 E-Collar

Using best-selling dog training e-collars like the Bark Beyond E3 allows for clear communication between you and your dog. All Bark Beyond dog training collars feature a lightweight nylon fully adjustable collar that can fit any sized dog breed, small, medium, and large. The waterproof vibrating dog e-collar includes upgraded 2023 technology for optimal safety while keeping your pup safe.


When fitting an e-collar, it's essential to find the right balance between snugness and comfort. The collar should be snug enough to stay in place during training sessions but not so tight that it causes discomfort to your furry companion. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that you achieve the perfect fit every time.

Selection of Upgraded 2023 Smart AI Dog Training Collars

But fitting the e-collar is just the beginning. Bark Beyond offers a wide selection of Smart AI, high-tech dog training e-collars designed for different training needs, whether it's basic obedience, curbing excessive barking, long-range training, or customizing geofence perimeters and designated " Keep Out" zones. By using Smart Collars, you can ensure that your dog stays nearby and doesn't enter " No-Go" safe garden zones like pool areas and rose gardens.

Upgraded 2023 Bark Beyond Dog Training E-Collars

With features like long-range remote control, GPS tracking, adjustable and low stim stimulation levels, and waterproof design, Bark Beyond e-collars are built to meet the demands of dog trainers of all levels.


Designed with user-friendliness, Bark Beyond Smart AI high-tech dog training collars offer a seamless experience for beginners and dog training experts alike. With cutting-edge technology and upgraded features for 2023, these e-collars provide low-stim, no-shock options that align with positive training methods.

No Shock Mode Option

One of the standout features of the Bark Beyond E3 E-Collar is its variety of correction modes. These collars include numerous static and vibration correction modes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate option for your dog's training needs, including no-shock training.

Whether your dog responds better to a gentle vibration or a slight static stimulation, Bark Beyond low-stim dog training collars offer versatility and customization.

FAQ's: What's an E-Collar?

Q: Is an e-collar different from a shock collar?

A: No, electric collars are sometimes referred to as shock collars. The term "shock collar" is commonly used to describe electronic collars that deliver a static stimulation or shock to a dog as a form of correction during training. =

  However, it's important to note that not all electric collars are designed to deliver harsh shocks. There are various types of electric collars, like the Bark Beyond E3 E-Collar, available on the market, including those that provide more gentle vibration or tone-based stimulation.

Q: Can electric collars harm dogs?

A: Premier brands like Bark Beyond allow for optimal safety and humane e-collar training with dog training tools that offer a no-static shock option. If you're a pet parent reluctant to purchase an e-collar because you're worried it may hurt your dog or result in an anxious or frightened dog, your go-to positive training e-collar will be from Bark Beyond.

This brand features the latest e-collars in 2023 with updated, innovative technology allowing for safe, no-shock training modes. As usual, we always recommend working with a positive dog trainer during the 6 months of training and only using an e-collar when you and your dog have undergone over 100 hours of positive training. In this way, you first get to understand your dog's temperament, quirks, and training needs, and also get to know your limitations in training.

Then, you can work together with a trainer that understands e-collar training, and this allows you to use the e-collar in the right way with low stim levels and high stim for an emergency recall. Both e-collars and positive reinforcement can be paired to allow for the best training results.

The takeaway is that if you're not a dog training expert, only use an e-collar on your own after first working with a trainer. This prevents mishaps and unsafe training that could delay training for a few months because you now have a dog that's scared of the e-collar.

Proper and humane e-collar training for any dog